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Steel :


Steel is the generally utilized metal and is a crucial piece of Household and Industry. Taking a gander at the Indian development story, Aastha Group have detected an incredible future in steel and steel items. The per capita utilization of steel in India is just 56.4 kg against the worldwide per capita utilization of 200 kg. With the nation encountering a relentless development in per capita salary of the masses has now offered head to the upsurge in the development of framework for improvement of organizations and way of life. For a considerable length of time to come the interest for steel will be a ceaseless story and they anticipate ourselves as one of the leaders in this rally.

Aastha Group have a condition of craftsmanship assembling arm based out of Andhra Pradesh, India. They work this office with a yearly yield of more than 100,000 MT p.a. furthermore, offer our Thermex TMT bars under the brand name "AASTHA TMX FE 500.

Aastha Group make Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars, which are hot moved round bars/bars with spaces/ribs typically supplied in straight length or in collapsed packs. Development and Infrastructure – two high development parts in the nation are the essential buyers of TMT bars. TMT bars are secured by past moving thermo process. There are two known advances, which were freely created in Europe and later perceived internationally. These are the Thermo and Temporal Processes. Thermo preparing of steel bars results in higher quality with preferable pliability over that offered by the Cold Twisted Deformed Process.

Aastha Minmet India Pvt Ltd have a licensed Turkish innovation and configuration of our TMT bars which shows high bendability because of lower carbon and higher extension. The bars can withstand twisting and rebinding with inner breadths of 1D and 4D individually. Our configuration is even Earthquake resistance, which is the interest of all skyscraper towers and scaffolds/flyovers according to standard standards.
Aside from assembling TMT Bars, they exchange Structural Steel. They have tied-up with real genuine state and framework organizations as their empanelled supplier for these items.

Coal : 

India is the world's third biggest maker and buyer of coal. (Source: CRISIL Coal Outlook). As indicated by CRISIL Coal Outlook, the force era division in India expended 77.0% of the aggregate coal created in financial 2009. Further, in financial 2009, coal met 52.4%, while oil and regular gas met 41.6%, of the aggregate essential vitality prerequisite of India. (Source: BP Statistics) 

India has encountered a hearty development in the force area as it is one of the fundamental segments for household and mechanical utilization. Steel and Cement Consumption are on ascend because of improvement in foundation and genuine state. Considering above advancements, interest for coal will stay relentless and is going to rise just as coal is the fundamental fuel for these commercial ventures. A year ago India imported near 86mn tones of non-coking coal (Source: and the interest is relied upon to increment as it were. 

Aastha Group have tied up with global excavators and exchanging bodies based out of Indonesian, South Africa, Australia and USA to exchange coal in mass. They  focus to import 2mm MT of Coal for exchanging the Indian business sector. They are notwithstanding investigating the Chinese business sector to fare coal from Indonesia and South Africa. 

Aastha Minmet India Pvt Ltd , at Aastha Group, are included from mining to utilization. They are included in all elements of dealing with the Supply Chain of Coal for an assortment of buyers spread crosswise over expanded commercial enterprises. With operations spread crosswise over 3 mainlands and various supply and conveyance focuses, They are consistently enhancing the specialty of getting coal from one point to the next at the most minimal successful expense. Aastha Minmet India Pvt Ltd source coal broadly from crosswise over different nations and ports and sending to over west drift and east drift ports in India. Further they work the in-area transportation conveying coal to our customers' doorstep, spearheading the craft of best cost productivity.

Mining : 

AASTHA GROUP has wandered into mining of Chrome Ore, a product utilized as a part of assembling of amalgams and solid steel. The Company is in procedure to get mine in Turkey. These mines deliver high review Chrome Ore actually termed as 'Enhanced Chrome Ore Cr42%. 

AASTHA GROUP has likewise long haul connection with mines in Turkey for Manganese Ore to be foreign made and sold to different combinations fabricating commercial enterprises in India and China. China is an extensive customer for high review Chrome, we dispatch the product in compartments and have long haul contracts for consistent supply. The metals are additionally transported in and supplied at Vizag and Kandla Port in India on the East and West Coast separately. 

Iron Ore 

Steel industry may have seen some exciting ride yet as appraisals said, it's exclusive going to developed with India in the coming decades, so will the interest for the essential crude material Iron Ore. Aastha has marked restrictive contracts for acquisition of high review Iron Ore from Mali in West Africa and Malaysia. Our image notoriety and positive attitude has earned us these agreements. We are importing iron mineral irregularities in mass from these nations. Gujarat, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh have one of the best impact heaters in India and we are consistent supplier to these units. 

Aastha Minmet India Pvt Ltd exchange volumes of 50,000 MT/annum of Iron Ore in compartments and tied up with mine proprietor based out of Goa and Orissa in India for residential acquisition of iron minerals. In the coming months we are going to exchange substantial cape size vessels. 

They have own a stake in an Iron Mine arranged in Bellary, Karnataka which has an expected store quality of 25mn MT and beginning of the same is as of now in progress.

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